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High Risk Payment Processing Company - Merchants Payment Solutions

Secure Hosted Payment Page 

There are many businesses that require high risk Merchant credit card processing to ensure they can manage credit card payment processing in a secure and efficient manner. A hosted payment gateway can provide a secure hosted payment page as a gateway that provides merchants with SSL 28-bit compliant platform that supports a range of functions that are of benefit to accepting payments online.

This should be able to handle a range of different currencies for purchasing and settling the account. It should be able to adequately convert payments from the currency of the purchasing customers country and convert prices from the business website where prices may be in another currency. The business wants to ensure that they receive the appropriate remuneration for the transaction in their native currency. The same applies to chargebacks, which is why high risk credit card processing can be an important aspect of your online business.

Merchant high risk Credit card processing will include information on checkout and payment pages that are in the native language of the customer to ensure that they are happy with the amount of the transaction and what they are agreeing to buy. This also provides a much better personal service to your customers.

Not all of your customers will be able to make payments using their credit card because there may be restrictions on what they can use their credit card for in their own country. You can also use this processing solution to manage non card payment processes using the same platform. As you extend the amount of different payment channels to your business, you also increase the market that you can operate within without the hassle of incorporating new payment processes.

Some high risk businesses may have more than one merchant account, so multiple MID routing may be a useful feature in your Merchant credit card processing solution to allow your payment gateway to load your transaction balance to one or more accounts, which is especially useful where one MID is currently down and unable to complete a transaction.

Banks have their own way of routing payments between them. Using BIN routing when credit card payment processing allows a payment to be routed based on the currencies involved in the transaction so that US Dollar transactions in the USA are routed using American banks to lower the cost of your transaction fees.

The delivery of physical goods can be linked with your payment gateway to provide evidence of delivery. You can also use your payment processing gateway to manage risk and fraud prevention to protect your business.

What is the benefit to you?

  • With iPayDNA integrated secure hosted payment gateway, merchants have the ease to accept multi currency, multi-lingual payments from their clients through multiple payment channels.
  • Some of these payment channels have lower fraud and chargeback risk to you as a merchant.

Who can benefit from this?

All merchants will benefit from our integrated payment platform, including below industries;

  • Gaming
  • e-Gaming
  • Adult/Escort
  • Dating/Social Networks
  • Pharmacy/Herbal supplements
  • Tobacco
  • Software/MP3/Contents
  • Replica
  • Travel & Entertainment
  • FOREX & Investments

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