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High risk credit card processing - Merchants Payment Solutions

Recurring Billing
Recurring billing refers to merchants that charges on-going subscriptions to their clients, iPayDNA’s banks can provide recurring billing merchant account. This provides the merchant the ability to send new transaction charges after the first recurring transaction without CVV information. Recurring transactions after the 1st transaction has less risk to the merchant, processor and acquiring bank.

What is the Benefit to you?

  • Enable subscription based billing
  • No need for CVV information on subsequent transactions
  • Reduce your operational cost as your don’t have to contact your cardholder again to perform subsequent recurring transaction

Who can benefit from this?
Subscription based merchants

  • Gaming
  • e-Gaming
  • Adult/Escort
  • Dating/Social Networks
  • Software/MP3/Contents
  • FOREX & Investments

Supported Industries

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