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High Risk Merchant Processing Solutions

If you are classified as a high risk merchant looking for payment processing, then you need look no further. We provide various methods for merchants worldwide to accept online payments using credit cards, electronic checks, and major debit cards through our payment gateway. Paying using services that ensure your payments are efficiently handled by high risk processing will ensure you are in full control of your business transactions. Our tailored cashless high risk merchant processing solutions can help you increase sales.

We provide payment gateways with features such as virtual terminals to fully customizable and integrated hosted payment page for your website and e-commerce shop.

You can have payment terminals for any payment situation from standalone terminals to cash register terminals for your traditional store payments, which are ideal if you operate both an online and brick and mortar store. You can also use mobile payment solutions that do not tie you down to accept payments while out on the go.

You can easily accept credit and debit card payments at point of sale using secure acceptance of payment through this solutions. Accept payments on site, over the internet, or by phone, mail or fax. We do everything to protect your card data along with your customer’s data because we know how damaging stolen or fraudulent card data can be to your business. Not only does this cause financial or reputational damage to you, it risks your sales income and profits. All risk processing must comply with security standards to manage transactions from the major card issuers and payment processors.

The rapid growth of internet commerce has resulted in the need for around the clock acceptance of high risk processing of card payments. Receiving payments from customers at any time of the day of time no longer ties your business down to traditional 9 to 5 trading. The internet is not bound by the same restrictions as traditional shops or businesses. Using the internet can significantly reduce your administrative costs and improve the security of card payments associated with risk processing of payments associated with trading in your business.

Merchant payment solutions will be required for you to operate your online shop efficiently. You will need to organize an acceptance contract so that you can accept all major credit and debit cards, an e-payment solution, and someone to operate and manage your online shop. You can find complete solutions for all of your high risk merchant processing needs.

Our payment gateway features are ranging from Virtual Terminal (VT) to fully integrated, and highly customizable Hosted Payment Page.

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