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Merchants - Fraud & Risk Management

Email Receipt

One click enables email confirmation receipt to the merchant and/or the cardholder/account holder

Phone Verification

One click enables the transaction to be routed to our call center (additional fees applies) for payment confirmation

1. What is the benefit to you?

  • Use iPayDNA’s infrastructure to verify your transactions either by email receipt or phone verification
  • Reduce your chargebacks and fraud
  • Provide customer perception of secure and safe processing

2. Who can benefit from this?

  • High risk merchants
  • Content merchants who send content activation keys to their clients via email
  • All industries supported, including high risk merchants.
  • Gaming
  • E-gaming
  • Adult/Escort
  • Dating/Social Networks
  • Pharmacy/Herbal supplements
  • Software/MP3/Contents
  • Tobacco
  • Replica
  • Travel & Entertainment
  • FOREX & Investments

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