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Forex merchant account – What it will do for you?

FOREX and investment businesses can benefit from our wide selection of Payment Channels especially Non-Card Payment Channels. Although credit card transactions can be accepted for these websites, Non-Card Payment Channels offer the peace of mind of minimal fraud and disputes. Proper disclosure of the financial product sold and refund policies on the website is a must. Our consultant can assist you in getting your website compliant.

Forex brokers and dealers who wish for funding their trading accounts from their clients need a working Forex merchant account. iPayDNA understands that financial confidence is paramount in this business. Therefore we provide reliable online processing solutions for Forex dealers as well as brokers.

We offer high quality merchant accounts including a payment processing system that comes with multi lingual, multi currency solutions tailored to meet your expectations.

We also provide top rated online offshore high risk merchant account services, please request for details.

For more information, feel free to talk to our consultants!

Note: Certain Payment Channels are not available for FOREX and Investment websites

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