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Merchants - Supported Industries


iPayLaterDNATM is the solution for merchants billing that needs to send out billing on a regular basis or for merchants where their customers would like to purchase something but may request for payment from another party (e.g. their parents, company directors, etc.). iPayLaterDNATM can support all the Payment Channels the merchant have subscribe for from iPayDNA.

The transaction flow of iPayLaterDNATM is as follows: -

  • The payment is initiated from iPayDNA’s merchantDNA console by the merchants. Each transaction can be initiated individually or by batch upload.
  • The client receives an email with a unique link to the payment page.
  • Client can also forward this email to another party to complete the payment.
  • From the payment page, the client can choose the available Payment Channels to make the payment.

What is the Benefit to you?

  • Enable subscription based billing
  • Enable customers to route payment request to someone else (e.g. parents buying concert ticket for their kids)
  • Reduce your operational cost as your don’t have to contact your cardholder again to perform subsequent recurring transaction

Who can benefit from this?

  • Subscription based merchants
  • Merchants whose customers wants to have the option for someone else to pay for them in several industries, including;
    • e-Gaming
    • Dating/Social Networks
    • Software/MP3/Contents
    • Travel & Entertainment
    • FOREX & Investments

Supported Industries

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