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E-Commerce Merchant Account

The perfect ecommerce payment gateway service you were looking for

iPayDNA supports most online businesses - as long as your business model complies to rules and regulations stipulated by the Card Associations and/or to our panel of banking partners. If you are selling it online we can process it! Not sure if your business is accepted by iPayDNA or its not listed on our website?

When you are beginning an ecommerce business, looking for a full proof merchant payment gateway should be your first priority. iPayDNA's complete ecommerce gateway empowers you to acknowledge online payments globally specifically on your site.

When it comes to accepting payments online globally, your business needs a first rate ecommerce payment gateway and that's what you get with iPayDNA. Whether your payment needs are simple or complex we have ready-made solutions for improved business.

iPayDNA's first rate ecommerce gateway provides the best of real time, secured platform which reports a fraud as soon as it finds one. At the point when an online customer chooses "Pay Now" on a site, their payment data is gone through your protected server to a passage, which serves as a contact between your bank and the client's bank.

The main data of the payment is then sent from the gateway framework to your account. Your ecommerce merchant account bank demands approval from the client's issuing bank to finish the payment. The issuing bank then will either approve or reject the money and send the points of the approval through the gateway passage to your site and the client.

We offer a ready to use gateway service for online merchants who want better service and price.

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