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International Prepaid Debit Cards - Business Debit and Credit Cards Processing Gateway - iPayDNA

International Prepaid Debit and Credit Cards Gateway

For cardholders:

  • Account opening in two days, upon reception of complete documentation.
  • Customer Service in 16 languages available 24/7.
  • Digipass device. Authenticates client with Digital signature before transactions.
  • No personal presence required for account opening.
  • Low cost one-time account opening fee.
  • Everyone Qualifies- Because it is "Prepaid", un-banked and banked consumers of most countries in the world can qualify for the International Debit Card.
  • Instant Issuance- The International Debit Card can be instantly issued.
  • Cardholder name is optional.

With iPayDNA International Debit Card, users are able to:-

  • Transfer money from any bank or financial institution into the Debit Card Account.
  • Transfer money from Debit Card Account to any other Bank Account (Wire Transfer).
  • Withdraw money from over 1,800,000 ATM's worldwide.
  • Purchase products & services from over 32million commercial outlets worldwide and anywhere the Maestro/Cirrus logo is displayed.
  • Perform online transactions (e-commerce).
  • Perform POS purchases.
  • Perform Signature based purchases.
  • Can be used for over the phone transactions/purchases.
  • Access online banking facilities.

Maestro/Cirrus Card

This debit card can be used worldwide at over 1.8 million ATM cash machines and at more than 32 million commercial outlets worldwide and anywhere the Maestro/Cirrus logo is displayed.

MasterCard Debit Card

This card has all the features of a credit card but with a no pre-set spending limit: the amount you can spend is limited only by your account balance, although we do have a daily limit for your protection. It is accepted at all locations worldwide where the MasterCard logo is displayed (ATM and POS alike), as well as for internet shopping and for pre-authorizations, such as for hotels or car rentals.

USD and EUR Maestro/Cirrus USD and EUR MasterCard
Where can I use it? Worldwide Worldwide
Is it linked to customer account?
Does it allow ATM withdrawal?
Can I use it for POS purchase?
Can I use MasterCard Global Services?
Can I shop through the Internet?
Can I shop by Mail or Phone?
Reservation / Pre-authorizations?
What is my POS daily spending limit? 2000 USD or EUR 25000 USD or EUR
Can I use my pin?
Can I use my signature?
Topping Up
Topping up your iPayDNA International Debit Card is a quick and easy process. You can transfer money into your debit card account from banks across 141 countries.
To protect you our debit cards are not embossed, but engraved. This means they cannot be used with non-electronic manual card swipe machines, These machines are often a source of card fraud.
The iPayDNA Digipass is a pocket-sized device which provides an authentication code and an electronic signature that allows for secure customer identification and access to our Internet Banking System.

Get in touch with our trained consultants now to find out more.

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