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International Business Debit Card Processing Gateway

iPayDNA offers a flexible international Business credit card processing program that allows distributing funds worldwide to any number of employees or agents in a time and cost effective way. Through this program a company or organization can provide iPayDNA debit cards in USD and EUR to its employees, distributors, clients, agents or members in order to transfer funds to for commissions, transfers, dividends, travel expenses, etc.

For businesses:

  • Account opening in two days, upon reception of complete documentation.
  • Customer Service in 16 languages available 24/7.
  • Digipass device. Authenticates client with Digital signature before transactions.
  • No personal presence required for account opening.
  • Low cost one-time account opening fee.
  • Instant Issuance- The International Debit Card can be instantly issued. Employers can immediately give a new employee a new debit card on location, activate the card and theyre ready to go.
  • Card can be branded with association or company logo. Find out more.
  • Cardholder name is optional.

A Corporate Payment System (CPS) via iPayDNA's International Business credit card & Debit Card processing program, The Cost & Time Effective Payroll Solution!

How does the CPS work?

  1. Company would open a corporate account through iPayDNA.
  2. iPayDNA would open sub-accounts for company's members within 24 hours.
  3. MasterCard or Cirrus/Maestro debit cards, PIN code and Internet Access Code are sent to the members.
  4. Funds are internally transferred to sub-accounts and credited real time.
  5. Members have access to their funds via ATM and POS using their international debit cards.

CPS Process Diagram

Interested to Co-Brand with iPayDNA International Debit Cards? Find out more.

Get in touch with our trained consultants now to find out more.

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