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  • Reliable credit card payment processors – A boon for your business

    Finance is the lifeline for all types of businesses. It is the corner stone in the establishment of new enterprises, it permits multiple opportunities for development and expanding your business on a global level by giving your different customers the type of payment techniques and methods they prefer to pay in.


    The initial two steps towards setting up an online business are:

    1. Setting up a merchant account for your business first.
    2. Implementing a contract for your account with the credit card payment processors so you can start accepting payments of all types from your online customers.


    The above two steps are necessary for your online business. You cannot just start your business without a secured platform and a gateway to accept the payments. If you don’t provide your customers with the different types of payment options that they prefer, why will they even consider buying anything from you in this age of competition?


    What is a Merchant Account?


    A merchant account is specialized to accommodate a merchant's business needs by permitting them to acknowledge all types of and modes of electronic payment made by customers for the business's merchandise and/or services. A merchant account involves 4 key players including the business owner, the bank in which he has an account, the online customer of the business as well as the customer’s bank.

    Thus, when a customer purchases a merchant's products and/or services by paying for it through an electronic medium (credit, debit card) issued to him, the exchange is passed on to the merchant's budgetary establishment for endorsement. Once the exchange is approved by the bank of the business account, the sum gets credited to their account.


    Who is the Payment Processor?

    The credit card payment processoris the indispensable connection between the online business owner and the customer from any part of the globe. A payment processing organization is generally an outsider appointed by the business for their payment gateway and merchant account services.


    The merchant processing organization or the payment processor oversees the exchange of asset removal from the credit cardholder's account and store deposition in the merchant account. The complete process is carried on a secured platform so that your financial transactions are safe.

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