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  • Debit and Credit Card Processing Solutions for any Industry by iPayDNA


    There are many who are starting up with their online business. Indeed in this busy and fast developing world of the internet era, business options have rapidly increased. Every business depends on two simple things. They are sales and payments. This is the point where you will look for credit card processing solutions for your business website. Today I am going to help you with the same. I have started my business last year and have experienced a lot of benefits with iPayDNA. In this post I will take you through all the options from them that are beneficial for your business as well. So let’s get started.

    Industry you opt for Business

    The benefits you are going to experience lies with the industry you opt. I am putting this right in the beginning because this helped me find the best payment gateway platform.

    The moment you know your business like an e-commerce store or a gaming portal, you will have your own way of accepting payments. Even for people who are looking to try a hand in the adult industry will need proper debit and credit card processing solutions for their website. So before you start know your industry. Hoping that you already know that, the benefits of iPayDNA are as follows.

    1. Multiple Industry Support

    The best part of iPayDNA is unlike other payment gateway platforms, they support a wide variety of industries. It is unnecessary to list down the industries because, you name it, iPayDNA supports it. So you are in safer hands right from the beginning.

    1. Expand Your Business Worldwide

    Since I was dealing in with the gaming industry, I wanted my website to be available worldwide. Now I wasn’t dealing with adults. Most of the games in my website are played by kids who don’t have credit cards. So I was looking for monthly subscription.

    iPayDNA gives you the option to accept payments from any country and in any currency. This is why I opted for them. Moreover, payments aren’t made by kids. But our team sends them a notification to recharge their membership account. So the kids can easily ask their guardians to pay for them.

    1. Accept Payments Using a Wide Variety of Options

    No matter whatever is the option, they fall under 3 methods:

    • Card payments,
    • Offline payments and
    • E-wallet payments.

    So I wanted ease of access for my customers. This made me understand the deliverables of iPayDNA and I was amazed with what they offered. With them, your clients or customers can make payments using any methods.

    N.B.: When you are trying to popularize your business, having variety of payment methods, give your business a boost. This also ensures that you have less of cold customers and have maximum return of investment.

    1. Safety and Security of Clients as well as you

    iPayDNA offers encrypted and secure platform for your website. Credit card processing solutions need to be secure so that your customers and your business remain safe from the eyes of hackers.

    iPayDNA excels in Fraud Management practices and makes sure that your payments are processed with care. Moreover, they support a lot of card providers. You can find a detailed description in their website as well.


    My business is up and running for more than a year and I am very satisfied with their payment gateway platform. So if you are looking to setup a global business, you can do that in a few clicks with iPayDNA. I am satisfied with their service and I am sure you will be as well.

    So start today and enjoy your profits tomorrow. If you have queries, ask them in the comments below. Your question will help others find the solutions as I update this post. Share this post and help other find the best credit card processing solutions for their websites.


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