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Merchants - Supported Industries

Adult merchant account for your business needs

iPayDNA provides all possible ways for worldwide merchants to accept payment online, via credit card, electronic check(e-check) and other major debit card network through our payment gateway.

Our payment gateway features are ranging from Virtual terminal (VT) to fully integrated, and highly customizable hosted payment page.

Adult business has found its niche in the market today, becoming popular over years, adult businesses now needs a properly working, fully functional payment processing system and an account to accept payment online.

Due to the uniqueness of this business, it may be difficult to find a secured merchant account payment gateway for the functioning of the business online. But, nothing to worry here, as iPayDNA brings to you the perfect solution for the solution for this by providing reliable adult merchant account.

Whether it is receiving one-time payments or regular credit card payments at your adult website, no matter what your business needs are, iPayDNA is sure to provide you the necessary services you are looking for your enhanced business. Our payment gateway is simple and fast to process payments online from all over the world. Go global with us!

Below are the list of industries that we’re supported.

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